Your GPA Matters...Only Sometimes

Okay, so this might sound like a really irresponsible statement, but....your GPA doesn’t weigh as much as you think it might. Not even your weighted GPA.does


Because reality is, you've got competition. A lot of competition. You'll start to realize that a lot of people were also able to achieve a 3.9 grade point average, too.


What Else Do You Have To Offer?

When you graduate from college, you need to assess your competition. What do you have to offer that the next smart Jane or Joe can't offer? I'm gonna be real with all of you, when I graduated from college, my gpa was pretty embarrassing. Because of that fact, I tried to think about how I can set myself apart. I created a blog with all of my best written pieces. I highlighted my published works. I also learned how to use InDesign for publication layout design. I learned how to work with literary artifacts. I cultivated my writing skills with internships and free work. I also bought the AP Stylebook and learned how to master the "official" writer's language in the news industry. I also offered to redesign a website for a local business -- for no pay. I edited, proofread, and made their content more relevant and easy-to-follow.

I was able to spread myself into other areas. I made myself valuable and useful.

Another skill I had that I underestimated was that I had been in the customer service industry for ten years. Through that, I learned how to effectively speak to people, with confidence and empathy.


You've Got To Think Outside Of The Box

Your GPA will not land you your dream job, nor will it offer you a safety net. You need to think about your skills and you can make them better, greater. You also need to think about picking up other skills and assets. The other day my sister and I had a little chat about grade point average. We were talking about how there's little correlation to how great your gpa is, to how successful you're going to be. Although I did terribly in college -- I am an equal to some of the brightest, and most talented people I know. Some of them went to ivy-league schools, others graduated top of their class. I graduated with a 2-point-something gpa, and I am working right along with them. But because my gpa isn't really what's important -- it's my ability to work efficiently, innovatively, honesty, and creatively. What is also important is how can I add value to a business.

What Are You Doing To Set Yourself Apart?

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