How To Install Hanging Flowers - DIY


Supplies Needed:

Wooden frame with chicken wire stapled to the back

4 screw eye hooks

4 screw cup hooks

A drill and corresponding drill bit

Picture hanging wire

Wire cutters

Fishing line



Wire loop clamps

Ikea faux flowers

Once you have the wooden frame and chicken wire portion constructed, use a drill to drill a hole in each of the corners on one side of the frame. Next, screw an eye hook into each corner to be able to attach the picture wire.

Measure how far down you’ll need the structure to hang from the ceiling (in our case, it was two feet). Loop the wire through and make a tight knot on one of the hooks, and wrap the excess wire around the loop and around the remaining wire until it’s secure. Now measure two feet of wire from the top of the hook (as opposed to pre-measuring and accidentally making different sized knots), leaving yourself about 4-6 inches extra to make a loop on the end.

Repeat for all four corners.

Once you have the hooks in place, use the wire loop enclosures to make a loop at the end of each corner to hang to structure evenly.

Screw the other four cup hooks into the the ceiling equal distance to where each of your four corners of the structure will be placed, and suspend the loops from each.

To hang each stem, simply wrap and knot fishing wire (tightly, but not so tight it cuts through the stem) to the end of each flower. Hang each stem from the chicken wire by the other end of the fishing line, placing them sporadically as you go.

Now that you know how to do this, tell me about all the cool parties that you are going to throw with hanging flowers? You can also do this with real flowers. Just follow the same steps as listed above. Nothing to change.

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