DIY Ladder Wardrobe

I love taking old things and turning them on their head, repurposing them and the idea of up-cycling objects that need new life! This old antiquated wooden ladder is a perfect example of up-cycling it to a wardrobe! Leave it plain for natural character or paint it to boost it's charm. All up to you.

Supplies Needed:

A wooden ladder

A wooden dowel

Two pine planks measuring 60 inches

Two round pipe brackets the same size as your pole

A drill and long screws

Fabulous clothes to hang (once you're done!)

1. Start by using your drill to pull apart your ladder by removing the hinges on both sides.

2. Mark the middle of the top of the ladder and loosely attach your pipe brackets (make sure not to drill down completely). Do this on both sides.

3. Stand your ladder up and slide the pole into the brackets and then drill the screws in your brackets down tight so that the pole doesn’t budge.

4. Drill the pine planks onto the steps between the separated ladder pieces.

I am loving this so much! It's super cute. It's easy and ready for great pieces of clothing and accessories!

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