Figurine Friday: Death Note

Hi Anime Community Friends,

I absolutely love anime figurines and starting today, I will be sharing some of my favorite figurines with you every friday! (I don't own these, but I wish I did)

Death Note.

Everything about this is perfect. The smirk, the glare, Ryuk and the apples.

And then there's this idiot. That smirk is so annoying.

And there's these 2 idiots.

My favorite Light face. I can just imagine L laughing his butt off on the other side.

How can someone so evil look so insanely cute?

And then there's this adorable man-child.

And his adorable chair.

My favorite L expression. He probably just had a ton of strawberries.

He is so done with Light right now.

I am really glad they even got the way he holds the cell phone right.

I don't know why anyone would want a figurine of Misa, but it exists.

And then there's my second favorite Death Note character, Near.

They are just so happy to be spending time together.

L's face says it all. Someone give him a pie or something.

More figurine photos!

Group photo #1

Even more figurine photos!

Group photo #2

Bonus figurine photo...just look at L's face. That's all you need to see. XD

Hope you enjoyed the very first Figurine Friday!

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