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First time using Vingle and loving it! Just making a card for everyone to share their experiences and opinions of their favorite animes. I know its hard to decide between the oh-so-many animes out there and each probably gave a difference experience, in that case you can just share your experiences of the different animes~ So i'll tell you some of my experiences.

I'll start with my childhood favorite: "Rurouni Kenshin" or "Samurai X" in english. There are so many animes I could have chosen from such as pokemon, yu-gi-oh, dragon ball, inuyasha, etc. but I decided on Samurai X as it was an anime that made me feel everything even though I was a child. There's action and was man doesn't like a good action anime, likable characters, romance (not a big fan of romance but this one was great) with lots of comedy as well. Everytime I watched Kenshin sheath his reversed katana my heart started beating like a school girl seeing their crush senpai. Also the story is great with a background for every new bad guy that appears.

Next is "Log Horizon". Everybody is talking about SAO and I loved it as well (season 1 at least), but people forget there are many other animes than those that are at the top of the charts. I enjoyed Log horizon lots more just because I love those animes that make you think a bit rather than fighting just for the sake of it. Comedic factor is far better and the story is better IMO as SAO ended up becoming more of a romantic story rather than about the gaming anime we loved (which wasn't by any means just my personal opinion). Both animes are the dream for every gamer but Log Horizon delivered it better with a far better story line and most importantly gaming elements.

My last picks for this card are going to be two very underrated animes: "Baccano" and " Durarara". These two animes deserve more credit as they have every genre mixed into one. The story is creative with interesting characters each with different presonalities and unique charms. Another factor would be the randomness and unpredictible events of the animes that makes it so good. You can always expect something new from these two. So tell us what your favorite anime is and why!~ Or tell me how wrong I am with my opinions so far :S Anything is good.

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