Loving Scars

As time changes, so does the view on the perfect body. A beautiful girl is someone with a great body, great looks, and overall great at everything.

Years ago i was involved in a car accident. Luckily i survived and didn't lose my arm. But from that accident i received scars. They made me hate my body even more. i wondered why me of all people. I wanted to be a model and actress. How could i do that with this scars.

Then as i grew up and matured. It hit me, Why can't i be a model? Actress? Why should my scars be an obstacle? They are a part of me, they make me different from the other models. Why? because they are unique. because they are ME. So i sat there thinking. Should i hate my body because it's not not perfect. and dosent fit the standard of beauty. Or should i not care what others think and do what makes me happy.

I decided to do what makes me happy. i began pursuing my modeling and acting careers. It's time that beauty standers changed. You should follow your dream and not care what others say. Do what makes you happy, follow your dream. And LOVE EVERY SINGLE PART OF YOUR BODY. Maybe someday I'll be living my dream of making it big all around the world on modeling and the big screen everywhere. Maybe star in some kpop video and Kdrama and Hollywood.

Girl learning to love herself and life. Dreaming of living her dreams. Always positive and trying to have fun in life
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